I have created an Orbit account and I cannot find my Orbit Device




  • toborowski7

    I received an orbit for Christmas but it doesn’t work

  • Kimberly Barlett

    I created an account online before trying to do it on my phone. Now on my phone with my Bluetooth on, the Orbit appears not to have been activated as I didn’t hear the beep until I was switching a new battery because I thought the one preinstalled may have been dead. I tried the quick push on the Orbit button too. In none of these attempts has the search on my phone proving to be successful. What do I do now? If setting up the account online instead of my phone first is the issue, how can I fix this?

  • Ebrahim Mohamed almeqbaali

    Same thing

  • Byron Kirkwood

    Same thing. How to fix? "Orbit not found". It used to work but when I tried to link it to my new phone, I got the error message. I can't find anything in the manual that helps. Pls advise fix.

  • Johanna Shepard

    New phone , no orbit and keys are lost

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